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Talia Eilat

Evidence-based practice proves ABT:

  • Improves Mobility and Function

  • Improves Quality-of-Life and Independence


ABT rehabilitation programs aim to promote recovery of motion by challenging the neuroplastic system.


ABT Impact

Terapia R.I.C  Centro Giusti, Firenze. 

Move to Motion practices an intensive therapy approach for ensuring the maximum potential for recovery

Move to motion

Neuromuscular Reengineering

Each patient is adapted to “go back to basics”  with the aim of re-learning task-specific movements.

Rehabilitation center

Wheelchair-Free Body Weight-Bearing

Each patient practices gait training and body weight-bearing on paralyzed extremities emphasizing active, intensive and continuous therapy to enhance standing and walking abilities.


ABT Certified Physical Therapists

Each ABT program is tailor-fit per client by a cerphysical therapist. In addition to expertise, an emphasis is placed on the therapist-patient relationship which is a primary success factor in the clients’ recovery process.

Spinal cord injury

Personalized Scientific ABT Programs

Each ABT training program is personally designed with a progressive developmental sequence approach. Data collection on exercise scores are monitored with the aim of recovering motor/sensory function.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

(Peter Drucker)

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