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Meet the Founders

The Activity Based Therapy Center foundation is managed by parents and members directly affected by the disabled community ensuring the highest quality of neurorehabilitation.

Lana Eilat

Lana Eilat


Lana was born and raised in New York City, USA where she graduated from Ramaz High School and Binghamton University, New York and made Aliya in 1988.  She studied for her MA at The Recanati Business School, at Tel Aviv University.


Before her daughter Talia became paralyzed overnight, Lana worked as a strategic planner with leading Israeli consulting firms focusing on start-up companies and international business.  Over the years, Lana gained strong experience in Strategic Planning and Competitive Intelligence serving multinational corporations. 


Lana’s skills and experience were rechanneled to her new endeavor and passion: to make ABT  accessible in Israel by establishing Move to Motion to serve the Israeli neurologically impaired population and enable Israeli’s an opportunity to receive ABT treatment equal to that available in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Boaz Redansky

Boaz Redansky


Boaz is the owner of one of Israel’s largest private fitness centers and pioneered Spinning- the indoor cycling sport- into the Israeli gym market.  As a professional athlete, Boaz was a member of the official Israeli water pollo team, a triathlete and Chairman of the Israeli Triathlon Association.


After recovering from leukemia, Boaz founded a charity foundation named ״ונתנו״ ("To Give")

dedicated to assisting and supporting Leukemia patients and hospitals by locating potential bone marrow donors.

After Boaz’s daughter Reut became paralyzed, Boaz invested his time and effort into supporting and accompanying Reut’s rehabilitation process. After witnessing Reut’s rehabilitation recovery training in Centro Giusti, Boaz’s dream  was to bring ABT to Israel and serve the neurologically impaired population in Israel.

Oran Grinboim

Oran Grinboim

Head Physical Therapist

Oran graduated summa cum laude and received his Physical Therapy certification (BPT) from The Department of Physiotherapy at Ariel University. Oran  worked for public and private rehabilitation centers targeting the disabled audience and was captured by their challenging world and robust ambition to improve their quality of life. 


His past experience as a professional athlete and as a sports coach defined his outlook on life as being the best you can be through perseverance, hard work and belief in oneself – solid characteristics needed in coaching and supporting high-achievers to realize their potential and dreams.


Oran’s background as a commander in one of Israel Army’s elite combat units, during which time he was granted the Excellence Reward from President Shimon Peres for his outstanding military conduct, coincides with the endless dedication and drive needed for exceeding beyond one’s limits.  

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