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You Have the Power to Empower

Currently, the Activity Based Therapy Center (R.A.)  non-profit foundation seeks to raise donations to establish Move to Motion – the first ABT Center in Israel.


By donating,  the Move to Motion ABT Center will enable Israeli’s with life altering mobility conditions to rise above their challenges and exceed their own limits. 

Why Donate?

Terapia R.I.C  Centro Giusti, Firenze. 

Move to Motion depends on fundraising from donors whose contributions will enable us to:

  • Give disabled people the opportunity to transfer their lives by maximizing their recovery potential

  • Empower the disabled Israeli soldier community and the physically challenged population the chance to improve their mobility, quality of life and independence.

  • Strengthen the underserved disabled community in Israel by providing an equal standard of rehabilitation therapy to those available in the USA, Europe and Australia

  • Establish Move to Motion – the first ABT center in Israel

  • Increase the standard of physical rehabilitation therapy in Israel

Activity based therapy foundation
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